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Putting the human back in Human Resources

Supporting HR with the personal and professional development you deserve.  This series will inspire new opportunities to take care of yourself and support the health and happiness of your team.

MAY 18 - JUNE 29, 2022

Move Well, Eat Well, Work Well

Explore practical tools to improve mobility, daily activity levels, and energy.

With πŸ‘‡

Amanda Mirach, Manager of Fitness Programs at lulafit

Corinne Smith, Registered Dietitian + Corporate Well-being Manager at lulafit


Finding Work/Life Harmony

Instead of striving for balance between work and everything else in life, focus on finding harmony. 

With πŸ‘‡

Lauren Gremizzi, Fitness, Health Coach and Behavior Change Specialist at lulafit


Cultivate Mindfulness + Everyday Resilience

Experience breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness in action to increase your sense of presence and stress management.

With πŸ‘‡

Veronica Womack, In-house Social Psychologist at lulafit and Identity and Inclusion Scholar-Practioner at Northwestern University


Let's Talk About YOU: Emotional Intelligence + Interpersonal Communication

This workshop focuses on self-awareness and empathic communication, which directly impact your most meaningful relationships.

With πŸ‘‡

Selina Doran, COO at lulafit


Workplace Wellness for Remote + Hybrid Teams

HR and well-being leaders share their roadmap to boosting the physical, mental, and/or social health of their distributed workforce.

With πŸ‘‡

Susan Pergament, Benefits + Policy Lead at Dentsu

Maureen Bourque, Solution Manager at Merkle

Kasia Curry, Global Wellbeing Leader at Baker Hughes

Rebecca Braitling, Chief People Officer at Stride Consulting


Where DEI + Employee Wellness Intersect

Uncover the relationship between DEI and employee wellness and the impact a diverse and inclusive well-being program will have on your employee experience.

With πŸ‘‡

Colleen Werner, CEO at lulafit

Mitch Brown, Sr. Consultant & Master Facilitator at Kaleidoscope Group

Jeremy Henderson, DEI & Leadership Development Program Manager at New York Insurance Company


Beyond Burnout: Coping with Compassion Fatigue

Discover helpful strategies to prevent and overcome the negative effects burnout and compassion fatigue can have on your well-being and productivity.

With πŸ‘‡

Alexa James, CEO at NAMI Chicago

Ben Frank, Chief Wellness Officer at NAMI Chicago



Susan Pergament

Benefits + Policy Lead


Kasia Curry

Global Wellbeing Leader

Baker Hughes

Rebecca Braitling

Chief People Officer

Stride Consulting

Alexa James


NAMI Chicago

Ben Frank

Chief Wellness Officer

NAMI Chicago

Mitch Brown

Sr. Consultant & Master Facilitator

The Kaleidoscope Group

Maureen Bourque

Solution Manager


Jeremy Henderson

DEI & Leadership Development Program Manager | HR Associate

New York Insurance Company

Amanda Mirach

Manager, Fitness Programs


Corinne Smith

Registered Dietitian + Corporate Well-being Manager


Lauren Gremizzi

Fitness, Health Coach and Behavior Change Specialist


Dr. Veronica Womack

In-house Social Psychologist


Selina Doran



Colleen Werner



Who should attend?

Attendees who will find this series most valuable will be HR leaders, employee engagement advocates, and company culture champions.

Job titles include:

  • CHRO
  • VP, Director, or Manager of HR
  • VP, Director, or Manager of Total Rewards
  • VP, Director, or Manager of People + Culture
  • Director, Total Rewards

Attendees received up to 5.25 credits for attending this series. 


Lulafit is an employee well-being solution helping employers build modern and inclusive workforce wellness cultures. Our platform supports employees no matter where they live or work, nurturing your team’s physical, social, and mental health.

Our team of well-being experts is passionate about boosting health and happiness. HR leaders often spearhead initiatives to support their team. But who looks out for them?  An idea was sparked, and this digital event series was born.