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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Explore practical tools to improve mobility, life performance, and emotional sustainability through food. In this two-part workshop, lulafit’s wellness experts will discuss ways to boost daily activity and release muscular tensions while working from home. Then, you’ll learn the science behind the effects food can have on your energy levels, cognitive function, and overall mood.

Learning objectives:

  • Impact of your hybrid or remote environment on movement and nutrition
  • Move with ease by examining office ergonomics and mobility
  • Food for energy, cognitive function, and mood

With 👇

Amanda Mirach, Manager, Fitness Programs at lulafit

Corinne Smith, Registered Dietitian + Corporate Well-being Manager at lulafit

Attendees received 0.75 SHRM credits for attending this session. 

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Amanda Mirach is a powerhouse in the fitness industry with a career that spans New York City, Atlanta, and Chicago. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, AAFA Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Fitness Nutrition Specialist and proudly holds certifications with Stages Cycling, Kettlebell Athletics and TriggerPoint Performance, to name a few. Prior to joining LulaFit, Amanda served as a lead instructor at Equinox Chicago and has been featured on WGN, Fox 32 Chicago News & Chicago Magazine. A former retail executive turned coach and fitness ambassador, she has helped to empower female executives through one-on-one fitness and nutrition coaching. Today Amanda is excited to lead our virtual fitness team at lulafit, providing top notch classes for corporate communities that are educational, engaging and fun.


Corinne Smith received her BS in nutrition and dietetics from Miami University and completed a combined master’s in nutritional science and dietetic internship at California State University, Long Beach. As a registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist, Corinne completed a public relations internship in Chicago where she combined her nutrition expertise with communications skills. Corinne believes that food nourishes our body as well as our mind and soul, and that having a positive relationship with food will improve our overall health and happiness. This mindset led her to pursue a certification in Intuitive Eating and now passionately helps others fall back in love with food and have fun prioritizing their well-being.

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Lulafit is an employee well-being solution helping employers build modern and inclusive workforce wellness cultures. Our platform supports employees no matter where they live or work, nurturing your team’s physical, social, and mental health.

Our team of well-being experts is passionate about boosting health and happiness. HR leaders often spearhead initiatives to support their team. But who looks out for them?  An idea was sparked, and this digital event series was born.