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Emotional Intelligence + Interpersonal Communication

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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Navigating interpersonal relationships from a place of centeredness is difficult to do well if you're not taking the time to check-in on your own emotional health first. This workshop focuses on self-awareness and empathic communication, which directly impact your most meaningful relationships (both professional and personal).

With 👇

Selina Doran, COO at lulafit


Attendees received .75 SHRM credits for attending this session. 

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Selina Doran has spent her career partnering with values-driven visionary leaders to scale growth stage companies. She's passionate about revamping a company’s approach to sales to achieve predictable and sustainable revenue growth. Selina loves building teams that operate with clarity and focus, and believes the key to success is intentional, empathic communication (coupled with a clearly defined strategy, efficient processes and an organizational structure that support an organization's mission, of course!).

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Lulafit is an employee well-being solution helping employers build modern and inclusive workforce wellness cultures. Our platform supports employees no matter where they live or work, nurturing your team’s physical, social, and mental health.

Our team of well-being experts is passionate about boosting health and happiness. HR leaders often spearhead initiatives to support their team. But who looks out for them?  An idea was sparked, and this digital event series was born.